Brother PE770 Computerized Embroidery Machine Review 2022

Brother PE770 Computerized Embroidery Machine

Brother PE770 Computerized Embroidery Machine

Brother PE770 Computerized Embroidery Machine is such a sewing machine that is affordable to all and will get a fully featured embroidery machine. Yes, you are thinking right you are getting a complete embroidery machine with a very reasonable price. Brother PE-770 is giving you a card for accessing the library to get your desired design from there. This sewing machine can design 5 x 7 inches large embroidery design on its working platform. So, let’s take a deep breath and go through the Brother PE700 Computerized Embroidery Machine review.

Brother PE770 Computerized Embroidery Machine Review

the image review of Brother PE700 Computerized Embroidery Machine

By using multiple frames, the user can able to expand the working area up to 12 x 5 inches. This machine is computerized; you can connect directly to the computer through a USB system to transfer your embroidery designs. You can handle small to large all types of embroidery projects with this single machine. Brother PE-700 computerized embroidery machine has become too much popular in the market. This sewing machine is favorite by all the starter and the skilled worker.

This sewing machine was able to earn a great reputation among the user. I will inform you more details about Brother PE-700 embroidery machine in details so that you can be clear about this brother embroidery machines. It will help you decide to buy it or not.

How to set up the Machine?

Setting up Brother PE700 is easier than another machine. There is a manual for setting up the machine. The manual is clear and explicit. Moreover, there are some video tutorials to form the machine properly. So the tutorial CD will guide you forming the machine step by step.

There are also some details setting up videos on YouTube that teach you reforming the machine.

Embroidery and monogramming by Brother PE700 machine

The user can choose freely designs, lettering and few great shapes like circular, squares, ovals, etc from the built-in pre-installed designs and shapes. PE700 also facilitates the user to import their customer designs through the USB port. You can also shave your designs in the built-in memory for future use.

You should format the thumb drive before saving any designs or data on it. As a pre-installed, you are getting 136 designs which you can use via LCD Screen. These patterns start from simple to complex.

With a view to monogramming function, you can use lettering fonts. You can edit your monogramming font 1.95 inches and the high 2.31 inches. There are 10 basic shapes and 12stitches by which you can have total120 combinations. So, brothers monogramming machine is not for making embroidery work but also you can use it for monogramming work too.

Why Should You Brother PE700 Embroidery Machine?

Brother PE770 is a machine which offers lots of features to make your project perfect. I shall show you some great features of this machine.

The Gracing features of this efficient embroidery machine are stated below

Easy to use

This is one of the latest models of Brother. PE770 is very easy to use. In spite of having lots of great features, the user can use it without any hassle. Only this is why beginner to expert all of them likes this embroidery machine.

The user is getting a manual with the machine so that they can easily operate the machine.

This model comes with an automatic needle threader to make your design perfectly without any problem.

Embroidery Area

If the working area is large, you can run your big projects easily. It will make your project more flexible. You can apply the large projects easily on the project. You are getting 5 x7 inch working area and in extend option you can enlarge it up to 12 x 5 inch wide. This is comparatively better than another embroidering machine in the market.

With this large working place, you can create bigger monograms and jacket backs.

Moreover, this efficient machine has 184 verities of sewing stitches. So, you could easily make your creative embroidery work. If you are a beginner and unable to create your design, don’t worry there are 136 built-in designs available inside the machine. This embroidery machine also includes 10 frame shapes and 12 border styles.

Easy Threading

Brother PE770 embroidery machine is providing you an easy threading system and this is why they are giving you a printed numbered chart of the machine itself. You need to follow it according to the instruction to get your easy threading.

There is an automatic needle threader in the machine for easy threading. There are 11 sewing feet among them overcastting, blind stitch, zipper are some of them.

Backlit LCD Touch Display

Brother PE-770 has a nice touch display for controlling the sewing machine. User can select the stitches and design from here. The dimension of the display is 1.4 x 2.7 inch.

Design Editing System

Intending to providing maximum facilities Brother add more features in design editing option like rotating, increasing the size of the image Moreover, you also can edit and see the design.

Built-in Memory

Brother PE700 embroidery machine comes with built-in memory to the cable of holding external designs. It also has built-in designs in internal memory. You can upload your design through a USB port.

Embroidery Design Store

If you are getting confused about which design to choose for your project, just visit to purchase lots of different types of embroidery designs. Being a computerized embroidery sewing machine you can access the website through the internet and download your desired designs.

Price of Brother PE700 Embroidery Machine

You would be a wonder to hear that the price of PE700 is very reasonable in comparing with its great features. Though this embroidery machine is providing you all the facilities brother embroidery machine prices is relatively low in price.

Accessories list in the box are given below

  • Spool net
  • Needle set
  • Bobbins
  • Spool caps
  • Accessory bag
  • 1 (5” x 7”) hoop
  • Reference guide
  • Accessory bag
  • Manual
  • Screwdrivers
  • Cleaning brush
  • Seam ripper
  • Scissors
  • Dust cover

Specification of Brother PE700 Embroidery Machine

  • Brand : Brother
  • Model : PE700
  • Built-in design :136
  • Embroidery Font: 6
  • Memory function
  • Save designs in the memory
  • Embroidery area : 5 x 7 inch and extendable up to 12 x 5 inches
  • USB port support: Yes
  • LCD : 1.6 x 3 inch.
  • Embroidery editing : Yes
  • Maximum embroiling speed : 650 SPM
  • Monogramming font : 6
  • On-screen editing : Yes
  • Warranty : 25 years limited warranty.

Why Only Brother PE700 Embroidery machine is best for you?

If you are looking for a computerized embroidery sewing machine, then lots of options are available in the market for you. But Brother PE700 is best for you due to some special reasons. This Embroidery machine has a large working place, so you are getting the option to perform your large project on it. Being USB port supported you also can upload your edited design on the machine and you can apply them on your project. The sewing speed is also too much speedy which can save your time. This is why this machine is best for you of course.

Pros and Cons of Brother PE700 Computerized Embroidery Machine:

You will find no such a machine, which has no pros and cons. Brother PE700 is no the exception, it also has some limitations too.

Before purchasing an embroidery machine you should know the good and bad sides of the machine.


  • The stitches’ quality is very fantastic. So, you can show your creativity in your work.
  • The threading system of Brother PE700 embroidery machine is simple.
  • There is a clear tutorial for teaching you about the use of the machine. The manual is written step by step so that the beginner can learn it easily without feeling any problem.
  • There is a speed control system in the machine to vary the speed functions.
  • To enlighten the working area this machine has LED light system.
  • You can control stitches and designs from the touch control system.
  • Company is providing a 25 years limited warranty.
  • To protect your embroidery machine there is dust cover with it.


  • The screen attached is black and white. It provides less editing options for the user.
  • No available option for using extra fonts.
  • Bobbing issues might find.


Among lots of brother embroidery machine, Brother PE700 embroidery machine is one of the best in comparing with its price and features. If you are searching for all in one embroidery machine, this machine is best for you. You are aging everything that you require for your embroidery projects. Moreover, there is lots of reason for choosing this machine. PE700 is a complete embroidery machine which can fulfill all your requirements.

This machine is perfect for handling from small to large types of work. This is why Brother PE700 has got too much popularity among the user of the world.

You can handle your embroidery projects easily and smoothly with the help of this machine. This PE700 is best for beginner sewer but all types of user can handle it flexibly. Brother PE700 Computerized Embroidery Machine is one of the best for your choice.

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