Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine Review 2022

Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine Review

Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine Review

With over 100 decorative designs, easy-to-use touch-screen, automatic needle threader and bobbin system, the brother PE800 embroidery machine stands the test of the time. The brother PE800 is the upgarded version of the bestseller brother PE770 to suffice the needs of both beginners and professionals.

This embroidery machine is really effective in pulling off different crafting projects for your home embroidery. Besides, you can work with thousands of embroidery designs, fonts, frames and borders after downloading them from

Moreover, you can save the downloaded items by transferring them from your computer to machine through USB. Besides, this brother PE800 embroidery machine is jam-packed with chunks of attractive features, catching the sight of many sewers. Let’s dive into these.

 Features of Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine

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Built-in Designs

Brother PE800 embroidery only machine comes with 138 decorative built-in designs along with eleven different fonts including seven English, three Japanese, and one Cyrillic. These fonts will cater to monogramming and lettering. Besides, the brother embroidery machine also provides you with ten versatile frame shapes and fourteen border styles.

With 138 built-in designs, you can embroider many different designs on your fabrics. These built-in designs include scrollwork, florals, and quilt patterns. Besides, the Brother PE800 is jam-packed with a CD housing more than 15000 designs.

Moreover, you can import more interesting and dazzling designs from So, when you are done sewing with the built-in designs, you can download more from the brother’s official website to personalize your own creations.

Moreover, with the embroidery machine, you are privileged with editing features that will help you edit and modify however you please. The editing features of the machine allow you to rotate, mirror-image, increase and decrease the size of the designs.

Embroidery Field

Compared to other brother embroidery machines, brother PE800 is designed to provide you with a five-inch by seven-inch embroidery field so that you can personalize your creations with a larger area. With 5 inches by 7 inches embroidery hoop, you can accomplish your larger sewing projects.

The best part of this larger embroider field is that it saves your time in comparison with other brother embroidery machines. So, if you are looking for pulling off larger designs in a shorter time, brother PE800 will be an inevitable choice for you.


The touchscreen is one of the upgraded features added to the embroidery machine to ensure comfort while embroidering. Brother PE800 is no exception to that. The 3.2 inch LCD touchscreen display allows you to take a look at the designs before you endeavor to embroider your items.

All the editing functions and facilities are imbued into the touchscreen. With a touch of your finger, you can choose your desired designs you want to work on, edit and modify them, change the color of the selected designs, shape the size of the designs, etc. Besides, you can see the designs in color and input them onto your items as exactly as the LCD screen shows. In short, the colorful touchscreen makes the embroidery more interesting and time-saving more than ever.

Automated Needle Threader

One of the boring and tricky tasks is to put the thread into the needle of the embroidery machine. However, with the automated needle threader coming jam-packed with the brother PE800 embroidery machine, threading of the needle becomes a piece of cake.

With the arrival of the automatic needle threader, you don’t need to put the thread through the eye of the needle on your own. Rather, the machine does the job for you so quickly that it surprises you. You just need to press a few levers, hook the thread around a guide and you will see that the thread will go through the eye of the needle. Isn’t it really great?

However, if you don’t want to make yourself easy with automatic needle threader features, there is always an option that you can thread the needle manually.

USB Port

The brother PE800 embroidery machine is a computerized one that comes with a USB port, allowing you to import any designs into the built-in memory of your machine. To enjoy the privileges of the USB port, you need a flash drive of your own so that you can insert the designs into your brother PE800 embroidery machine.

With the advantages of built-in memory, you can save different downloaded designs for your future embroidery projects. Besides, you can delete any of the designs and make a way for the new one anytime you wish.


Brother PE800 computerized embroidery machine provides you with an automatic bobbin winding system that will cater to a pristine even bobbin. Setting up the bobbin becomes so easy and more pleasing than before.

Besides, it has a thread sensor that will keep you alert once the bobbin thread runs low.


On top of the easy bobbin set-up, this brother embroidery machine comes with a built-in LED light that will allow you to work smoothly even in the darkness or any time of the day. The LED light ensures you a clear view so that you don’t make any mistakes while accomplishing your sewing projects.

The Strengths

  • Offers you 138 built-in designs so that you can choose from them and imbue them in your sewing projects.
  • Comes with a CD covering more than fifteen thousand different designs.
  • It takes only two minutes to prepare the machine for your projects
  • Comes with an LCD touchscreen allowing you to edit and modify the designs as you please. With the touchscreen, you can preview the designs before you tend to embroider them onto your items.
  • Imbued with an automatic needle threader, therefore, you don’t need to put a thread into the eye of the needle manually.
  • Very convenient to use. When the machine is threaded, simply pick a design using the touchscreen and pull off it on your sewing projects.
  • Provides you with a USB port so that you can import your intended designs and patterns easily.
  • Offers you a built-in memory card so that you can save your own designs till you delete them.
  • LED lighting allows you to go on with stitches even in the low light.
  • Easy bobbin set up.

The Weaknesses

  • The most noteworthy weakness of this machine is that it is an embroidery only machine that is only perfect for embroidery. It is not a traditional sewing machine. If someone purchases this machine thinking it will be good for both embroidery and sewing, then this machine is not worth buying.
  • Some people find it too costly as it can only be used for embroidery. However, if you consider other features and traits of this machine, then you are not being cheated when it comes to pricing.

Brother PE800 Software

Additionally, you will be adorned with brother PE800 software by which you can convert your files from .jpg or .jpeg into .pes or .dst format. Therefore, you can always create and export your patterns into the built-in memory of this embroidery only machine.

However. the brother PE800 embroidery machine doesn’t come with brother PE800 software. Therefore, you have to buy it from other sources to make the best use of the machine.

Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine Review

Final Words

We come to the end of our article on Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine Review. After going through all its features, we will highly recommend you must give it a try.

As we have highlighted many a feature of this machine, you will take home many advantages along with the machine when purchased.

That’s all for brother PE800 embroidery machine reviews. If you come up with any queries, feel free to post it in our comment section or send it via email. We are looking forward to solving your issues.

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