How to Put Thread in Sewing Machine- 6 Easy-Breezy Steps to Give It a Go

How to Put Thread in Sewing Machine

How to Put Thread in Sewing Machine

When you want to make a move when it comes to sewing, you first opt for putting the thread in the sewing machine. Threading is the basic and the most fundamental step in connection with sewing. Without initiating thread in the machine, you can’t pull off even a single stitch you intend to do at all. Therefore, once you feel like sewing, uncover your sewing machine, dedust the whole body thoroughly, put a thread in it, and start sewing to your heart’s content.

However, putting the thread where it should be is not an easy task to go on. Rather the task seems really daunting and tricky to those who are newbies, devoid of any prior experience when it comes to threading. In the wake of this aspect, we delve deeper and come up with a blog housing the hacks and instructions for putting the thread in a sewing machine.

Our article, namely how to put a thread in a sewing machine, is designed in a way that even a person knowing nothing about sewing can easily learn up the skills of threading a sewing machine. Let’s take a look at the following steps.

How to Put Thread in Sewing Machine- 6 Easy-Breezy Steps

Step One- Putting Cotton on the Spool

At first, put the cotton on the spool situated at the top of the sewing machine in order to initiate the process of threading. If your machine has a plastic disk, put it on the top of the spool to hold it firmly so that the cotton won’t fly off or come off from the spool and create a disturbance at the time of sewing.

Step Two- Making a Loop

Now drag the thread through the thread guide on the top and pull the thread down towards you so that you can make a loop around the tension discs beneath.

Step Three- Creating a U Shape Form

After that, pull the thread again and make it go through the second thread guide. Here you will find a lever having an eyelet, basically known as the take-up lever. This take-up lever will end up forming a U shape with the thread. Then tug the thread down to the needle, following any hooks to grasp the thread.

Step Four- Inserting Bobbin

Now start threading the needle from the front to the back properly. Once you are done threading the needle, it is time to insert the bobbin. Load the wound bobbin following the instructions provided in the manual that come up with the package. Some machines have a removable case that bobbin inserts into, and others drop straight down into a firm place.

Step Five- Connecting Both Threads

When you are done with the wound bobbin, turn the big wheel towards you so that the needle can link the top thread with the bottom thread. A big wheel or flywheel is situated on the right side of the machine. Now bring the thread from the bobbin and place it to the top of the machine plate where the needle moves in and out. Then find the loop of the bobbin thread and pull it to the top. You can take a pin that helps you get hold of the loop. Thereafter, pull both the threads to the back very smoothly. You must make sure the threads run as freely as possible while pulling.

Step Six- Taking a Test Sewing

Finally, the threading is done, and your machine is set to give a shot. But before that, it is wise to test the sewing machine if all your efforts to threading come to light.

Handpick a scrap of fabric and take a look at the stitches and the tension. When you start sewing, hold the threads gently at the back so that the top and the bottom threads won’t get tangled.

Some Tips for Threading in Sewing Machine

  • It is better to cut the end of the thread with a sharp blade or scissors.
  • Before putting the thread in the eye of the needle, try to dip the end of the thread into your mouth in order to wet the thread. Wetting the end of the thread helps you plunge the thread easily into the eye of the needle.
  • You can use a slightly stronger glass that can help magnify the eye of the needle. Therefore, it can help you penetrate the thread into the eye smoothly.
  • There are some gadgets available in the market which can cater to needle threading.

How to Insert a Sewing Machine Needle?

Final Words

In today’s informative blog, we have tried our best to make you introduce to the easiest ways to put a thread in the machine, along with tips that are essential to keep in mind in terms of threading and stitching. We have disintegrated the instructions for threading in a sewing machine in 6 simple steps. As a result, we are confident enough that you, whether professional or unprofessional, find the article easy-breezy to respond to.

That’s all for today. We have come to the end of the article on how to put a thread in a sewing machine. We have left no stone unturned to provide you with the instructions helpful to make you carry out the threading without taking physical help from anyone. Once you go through the article, you will be just inches away from putting the thread in your sewing machine. Thanks a lot for your valuable time and efforts. If you have any questions relevant to the topic, don’t be shy to comment in our comment section. Have a nice day!

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